Here is some fresh glass of water. What is real foreign currency exchange market?

Real FOREX is a market with a share of several billions US dollars operations per day. If some country or a great currency traders (see Soros for instance) whant to make money they can dump (or play) on this currency in a seriosly volumes leading to currency cross rates changing only because of their trades. This is called pure market speculations.

Normally, if there are no such great players on the trading floor currency cross rates could changed by real macroeconomical reasons, for example changing of government, changing of Interest Rates or by macropolitical reasons

Real currency trades made by big bank’s brokers and representative of different countries Central Banks

The purpose of this site is to give some information about non-real FOREX, because exactly this type of market is accessible for normal usual visitors and internet surfers. Non reality of such market is based on impossibility to influence on currency cross rates by making our deals (trade). This is more like a playing on the Horse Racing - you can’t affect as you wouldn’t wish which horse will come first. You are only a watcher.

Basicly, all internet sites and companies who plays in the area of currency exhange market are pure Horse Racing Brokers. They will not cheat you but you should always remember that your deal ( currency trade ) is not supported by Real currency assets in the Real World of real Forex .

I guess this is the first tip we can give to our visitors.