How to pick up proper foreign currency exchange FOREX broker company you would ask?

There are several of such internet companies and there are plenty difference between them. Let’s consider:

  • Possibility to open demo account. This is most important one. Because first thing we asked you entering our site was to gain a little experience by yourself. Demo trial account mean there are no charges for registration and some amount of virtual money will be given to you. With this amount you can and should make couple deals and open some positions in any major trading pairs. During this step you should get good preview of their forex trading system.
  • Minimum amount of money allowed to open account with. This is highly important too because i’ll not belive there are some beginners who want to start trading currency online and immediately charge your credit card for several thousand US dollars. Typically this amount will be 100 - 2000 USD and I would advise to start as small as possible, but this is only my personal humble opinion.
  • Leverage. Normally it is 100:1 or 200:1. Of course greater leverage - more possibility you have, but again, that would mean how fast you can gain or lose money.
  • Payment methods. I don’t have special recomendations here - just choose what most suitable for you.
  • I will not give some specific FOREX companie’s names, but remember about reliability and good history. So - search some forums for good and bad opinions about certain company. Remember - analysis is what you need most when you start trading FOREX for real money. Choosing foreign currency trading broker is your first analytical task you should solve succeessfully on.