Trading on FOREX market is a great opportunity to make some money, and this work could be very challenging. For educated men with analytical type of mind this business may be very profitable, but i guarantee you will lose your sleep when you start trading for real.

There are couple of simple rules and points you should consider before you start trading real money  (Remember - we asked to open demo Forex Trading account and play for fun anyway):

  • Do not trade on Forex market with funds you cannot afford to lose.
  • First rule of FOREX is: “Fast gains - fast losses”. This is coming from marginal nature of Forex.
  • Trade seriously with demo account but remember - first real experience you will gain only with your first real deal.
  • Educate yourself. Learn and read. Technical and fundamental analysis - you should not affraid it as not scary it could be at first glance.
  • Very big part in a risk of online currency trading plays political factors which can affect currency cross rates very significantly.